Designer of the week - 09/12/2013

Nora Renaud   |

Nora Renaud was born on 31 may 1989 in Langres, France. She grew up in Lyon where she studied design during five years within La Martinière Diderot. She specialized in packaging and sustainable development during a Bachelor degree. Nora’s works/researches evolve thanks to mock up, folds and graphics trials. She claims this bias even if she likes sometime, becoming a geek on her computer. 

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Jim Wong   |

“People don’t recognize how important the starting of a day which affect their health and productivity. They feel exhausted and the situation keep on everyday. A guide of “Good Morning” has designed for this. It provides the information of the brand assets,i.e. why having a good morning is important, the ways to achieve and maintain the consistence.

Using graphic as a tool to transform this intangible concept into a tangible substance, 11 booklets has been design according to different tpic related to morning. With this guideline people could find out and re-organize their own life, and finally spread out the positive value of having a good start in a day is the principal to the society.”

Jim Wong is one of the Hong Kong graphic designer born in 80s.
He got a first honor in BA (Hons) degree in graphic design from Middlesex University, in corporation with HKU SPACE Community College. Specialized in corporate identity, promotion campaign, exhibition, printed issues and publication.

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Etsuko Ichikawa - Deai (2005)

Artist’s statement:

“These works are glass pyrographs that are made by drawing with hot molten glass, leaving the immediate charred tracery of my movement with the heat. 

It is a way of capturing a fleeting moment and eternalizing it, and it gives the viewer the opportunity to see a gesture.”